Sister Ann Rose Nu Twang

Sisters and brothers worldwide, this is what a saint is.

Sister Ann Rose Nu Twang, imploring police officers in Myanmar: “Do not shoot the children, take my life instead.”

(with lots of new words for young readers to discover & delight in)

Our Tale Begins

A long time ago in China there lived in Fujian Province an extroverted young bird named Grimaldi Goose.

He was a keenly intelligent, exceptionally sociable gosling, equally comfortable in the air, on land, and in the water. Like all geese, he was a vociferous gabber and a voracious gobbler.

Grimaldi’s elder sisters and brothers thought his name was much too difficult to pronounce in Honk, so they called him Moo Goo Gai Pan. Soon everyone in their flock followed suit.

A Cross-Species Misunderstanding

Moo Goo Gai Pan, his family, their relatives, and their many friends travelled widely.

A Boy in Trouble in François Truffaut’s The 400 Blows

I WANT a hero: an uncommon want,
When every year and month sends forth a new one
Till, after cloying the gazettes with cant,
The age discovers he is not the true one.
— Lord Byron, “Don Juan”

For many years I have directed one-week immersion workshops in writing and presentation skills for children in the U.S., Canada, and China. We work primarily with girls and boys whose ages range from 8–15 years.

We utilize feature films as source texts for sophisticated assignments in critical thinking, expository and creative writing, and public speaking. During each day’s writing and editing sessions…

Steller Sea Lion

We have a seaside cottage on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, British Columbia. We awoke early during the morning of March 6th, and as always we began our day by looking out our windows at the ocean below.

For a long while we studied by eyesight and binoculars a sight we’d never before seen. It appeared a lengthy mammalian shape floating either on its stomach or side, a large dorsal or sail fin waving or flopping from port to starboard, its head and neck area swaying from side to side. …

An Illness in America: A Meditation on Immigration

Sickness is a dangerous Indulgence at my time of life.

- Jane Austen


I fell ill late at night on the day of the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

There had been no admonitory signs. No preludial symptoms. Just a mammoth stomach disorder shortly after midnight. Two, three, four recurrences during the predawn hours. Incommodious and humiliating but not alarming. Montezuma’s revenge, I thought. Or the newly-inaugurated Donald Trump’s.

I tiptoed to the bathroom each time. …

All Drawings By Karen Lam & Rachel Lam Glassman

Chapter 1. Oddball

Benjamin learned he was Odd when he was in the fifth grade.

He never had fit in well with other children. Especially with other boys. They thought he was too small, too clumsy, too gentle, and too bookish.

Each year Benjamin grew, but every year he remained smaller than his classmates. Not tall, not muscled, thin, and slight.

He never was athletic, and he had no interest in football, soccer, basketball, or baseball. He was not one bit competitive. He was a quiet, gentle person.

From an early…

Peter Glassman

Dr. Peter J. Glassman is an educator & author. Peter is the author of four books and numerous essays on childhood development, creativity, society, & culture.

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